This remix of the OpenStax Astronomy text has been curated and edited for distribution in the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Astronomy 185 course. Select chapters and sections have been remixed to support exploration of critical scientific questions and approaches K-12 teachers would incorporate in their classroom curricula.

As we publish this beta version of the text in January 2019, we have selected the following basic curriculum plan and the remixed version of this text includes the readings listed below.


Madeleine G. Pitsch

Project Manager


Class 2 Readings

Section 2.1 Titled: ”Chapter 2 Observing the Sky: The Birth of Astronomy Section 2.1: The Sky Above”



Section 1.4  Titled: Chapter 1 Science and the Universe: A Brief Tour Section 1.4: Numbers in Astronomy”

URL: ‎


Section 1.5 Titled: Chapter 1 Science and the Universe: Section 1.5: Consequences of Light Travel Time



Section 1.6 Titled: “Chapter 1 Section 1.6: A Tour of the Universe”



Section 1.7 Titled “Chapter 1 Section 1.7: The Universe on the Large Scale”



Class 3 Readings

Section 4.2 Titled: “Chapter 4 Earth, Moon and Sky Section 4.2: The Seasons”



Class 4 Readings: None


Class 5 Readings

Section 4.5 Titled: “Chapter 4 Earth, Moon and Sky Section 4.5: Phases and Motions of the Moon”



Class 6 Readings

Section 4.7  Titled: ”Chapter 4 Section 4.7: Eclipses of the Sun and Moon”



Class 7 Readings

Section 2.2 Titled:”Chapter 2 Section 2.2: Ancient Astronomy”



Section 2.4 Titled:”Chapter 2 Section 2.4: The Birth of Modern Astronomy”



Section 3.1 Titled: “Chapter 3 Orbits and Gravity Section 3.1: The Laws of Planetary Motion”



Class 8 Readings: None


Class 9 Readings

Openstax Astronomy Textbook (URL:


Section 1.1 Titled: “The Nature of Astronomy”



Section 1.2 Titled: “The Nature of Science”


Class 10 Readings:

Section 3.2 Titled: ”Chapter 3 Section 3.2: Newton’s Great Synthesis”



Section 3.3 Titled: “Chapter 3 Section 3.3: Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation”



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